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Alturra Highwaist Shaping shorts - Black

Alturra Highwaist Shaping shorts - Black

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Support level: Strong

High-waisted shaping shorts. Perfect under all outfits, jeans/pants, dresses, and skirts.


  • High Waistband: Short and high crotch length. High comfort and smoothing effect around your waist. For maximum fit and comfort, place the high waistband under your bra.
  • Silicone Tape: We have created a special silicone band that sits along the inside of the waistband. This ensures that our shorts DO NOT roll down, providing high comfort and a waistband that stays in place. Position the waistband as high as possible, ideally right under your bust.
  • Tummy Compression Zone: Using a special knitting technique, we have created compression zones over the waist, stomach, and lower back. This provides a comfortable and smoothing effect.
  • Butt Zone: The product features a special technique that creates space for the buttocks, giving your natural curves a firm "hug" for support and lift. You will especially notice support for your buttocks, avoiding the "pancake" effect often caused by other tight-fitting products.
  • Thigh Zone: The length of the legs ensures comfort and firmness around your thighs. The flexible yet firm material and leg length can be adjusted as needed to avoid unwanted lines. Additionally, the shorts help prevent irritation caused by thigh rubbing, especially in hot weather. The shorts gently hug your thighs, creating a visually smoothing effect.
  • Breathability: Our yarns are carefully selected from our supplier in Italy. Due to the special way our yarns are spun, you will experience comfort and breathability.

LYKKELAND Atelier's shaping products are a firm and loving hug for your body, a loyal and empowering supporter. They work to embrace natural curves and create a visually smoother contour. Support and lift the buttocks. Smoothing compression zones around the waist, back, and stomach. Prevent irritation and pain caused by thighs rubbing together. Anti-static and perfect under your outfits and dresses made of thin fabric that would normally stick to your skin. Experience an improved fit of your favorite outfits. Extremely comfortable support for "soft" skin, mummy tummies, and excess skin from weight loss.

How to wear: When putting on shapewear, you should ALWAYS put the product on from the bottom up. Sit down on a chair, and put the product on feet first, one leg at a time. Pull the product up over your knees and thighs, then carefully pull it up the same way you would with nylon stockings. Once the product is on, adjust your bust and buttocks under the shapewear for the perfect comfort and support.

Washing instructions:

  • Wash at 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Wash inside out, preferably in a laundry bag.
  • Avoid tumble drying and fabric softener to prolong the life of your LYKKELAND Atelier shaping products.


  • Designed in Denmark
  • High-end Italian yarns produced in Italy, 80% polyamide 20% elastane
  • Produced in Türkiye


80% on 20% ea

Designed in our studio in Copenhagen, produced in Istanbul.


When you receive your new LYKKELAND atelier shapewear, don't be alarmed that the product looks very "small". The product is designed and produced to fit tightly, so put the product on like you would put on your nylon stockings and then adjust to the body and your shapewear.

Wash at 30 degrees.

Size guide

Tight fit // If you are between 2 sizes, we recommend that you go one size up.

Guide to measuring your body measurements:

Use a tape measure.

1. Measure around your chest.
2. Measure around your waist.
3. Measure around your hips at the widest point.
4. Measure the length of your leg from the crotch, down the length of your leg, down to the floor.

Delivery & return

Depending on the delivery method you choose, we deliver your package within 2-3 business days.

We offer a 30-day return policy.

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Hvilken størrelse skal jeg vælge ?

Vores Alturra highwaist shaping shorts kommer i tre størrelser. 34-40 / 42-46 / 48-52. Vi anbefaler som regel at tage udgangspunkt i den størrelse du bruger i bukser, OG LIGGER du imellem to størrelser anbefaler vi at du går op i størrelsen. På denne måde vil du få den bedste oplevelse hvis du er nybegynder med shapewear. Vores model på billedet i front er iført: Tan farvet shorts: str. 48-52 - modeller i baggrunden str. 34-40.

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Thanks to Karim ( @karimabettaz ) and Au Lama (@ .


The founder of LYKKELAND ateliér, Heidie Lykke, has personally always searched for the perfect product that could help "hug" her curves in a comfortable way, without making folds in the middle of the waist, back or along the side. They should lift and be smooth without being uncomfortable. And for many years she compromised until she chose to launch LYKKELAND atelier, find the most competent supplier in Europe who had the machines and know-how for the technical part, because Heidie Lykke showed exactly how the design and the product should be . Together, the two partners succeed in creating, what we dare say, the best piece of shape wear item - which is a basic and essential item for every woman who wants comfort together with sliding and smoothing shapes.