• What I do

    Primary occupation:

    Chief Strategist, Corporate Positioning, Danske Bank

    Secondary occupations:
    Yin yoga teacher at DoYoga & dancer/model for brands and other creative jobs

  • My happy place🏝

    When I practice inner peace through sound healing, meditation, yin yoga and by being completely in the moment.

    This is where I find home to my essence and experience an out-of-this-world bliss.

    And just one extra thing: Diversity.

    Also with aesthetics - when you can see that people dare to express their inner selves through their outer selves. It's still something I'm working on finding the courage to do.

  • My best advice for self love💖

    Practicing: bathing in your own inner values rather than drowning in the performance-oriented expectations of others.

  • My daily luxury

    Hug! It is hereby on a public wish list, because unfortunately it is not something I get on a daily basis. Until then, I alternate between my yoga pillow and quilt to meet my needs :-)

  • Soft hoodie sweatshirt

    DKK 499.00

  • Topping boxer shorts

    DKK 329.00